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- Nov 22, 2017-

Erected for the construction and construction, to withstand the load by the fasteners and steel pipes and other scaffolding and support frame, collectively referred to as scaffolding. Fasteners that use bolt fastening buckle connector.

Commonly used fastener steel pipe scaffolding is made of cast iron, and its mechanical properties should be consistent with "steel scaffolding fasteners steel scaffold" (GB15831-2006) material is not less than KT330-08. Also requires fastener-type steel scaffolding system parts less, easy to install, easy to disassemble. In addition to cast iron fasteners steel scaffolding, there are steel fasteners steel scaffolding. Steel fasteners-type steel scaffolds are generally divided into cast steel fasteners-type steel scaffolding and steel stamping, hydraulic fastener-type steel scaffolding, steel fasteners-type steel scaffolding production process and cast iron roughly the same, and steel stamping, hydraulic fasteners Steel pipe scaffolding is the use of 3.5-5mm plate by stamping, hydraulic technology from suppression. Steel buckle-type steel scaffolding all kinds of superior performance, such as resistance to breaking, skid resistance, anti-deformation, anti-off, anti-rust.

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There are generally two, an outer diameter of 48mm, wall thickness 3.5mm; the other outer diameter 51mm, wall thickness 3mm; according to their location and role of different, can be divided into pole, horizontal bar, sweeping pole and so on.

According to "Construction Fastener Steel Scaffolding Safety Specifications" JGJ 130-2011

3.1.1 Scaffolding steel pipe should be used in the current national standard "straight seam welded steel pipe" GB / T13793 or "low pressure fluid delivery welded steel pipe" GB / T3091 stipulated in the Q235 ordinary steel; steel quality steel should be consistent with the current national standard "carbon Structural steel "GB / T700 Q235 steel provisions.

3.1.2 Scaffolding steel pipe should be used Φ48.3 × 3.6 steel. The maximum mass of each pipe should not exceed 25.8kg.

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Fastener is the connection between the steel pipe and the pipe, there are three forms, namely, right-angle fasteners, rotating fasteners, butt fasteners

Right Angle Fasteners: For the connection of two vertically intersecting steel tubes, it relies on the friction between the fastener and the steel tube to transmit the load.

Rotating fastener: for connecting two steel pipes at any angle

Butt fasteners: for two steel pipe butt connection long.

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Steel pipe is an important part of steel pipe scaffolding, weight per meter is 3.97kg, a thickness of 3.6mm. With the use of fasteners. Also known as shelf tube

This site base and pad

Is set up in the bottom of the pedestal, pay attention to the difference between the base and the backing plate, the base is generally welded steel and steel pipe, the base is generally placed on the pad above the pad can be wood or steel.

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