- Dec 22, 2016-

1, strut-type suspension scaffold requirements

Strut-type cantilever scaffold use with control loading, putting up solid. Erection should first set a good shelf Rails out of the wall, then tilt rod up and pick out the rails are firmly attached, then set up overhanging parts, shop scaffold, and located the railing and toeboards, following support safety net to ensure safety.

2, wall settings

According to the axis of the building size, every 3 cross in the horizontal direction (6m) sets a. In the vertical direction should be set every 3~4 meters, and the staggered, formed the plum blossom-shaped layout, wall and floor-standing scaffold erection methods the same.

3, the vertical control

When you set up to strictly control the verticality of sectional scaffold, perpendicularity tolerance:

4, scaffold laying

Bottom of the scaffold should be put with Atsugi scaffold, while the upper layer can be put with thin sheet metal perforated lightweight scaffold.

5, safety protection facilities

Scaffold guardrails and toeboards on each layer should be.

Scaffolding outside the closed dense side and bottom of the safety net, and building a channel to keep the shelves.

Cantilever scaffold pole and cantilever beam (or stringers) connection.

In cantilever beam (or stringers) welding 150~200mm on long steel pipes, outside diameter smaller than the scaffolding pole diameter 1.0~1.5mm, fasteners, while in the lower part of the pole 1~2 road sweep to ensure shelf stable.

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