Development trends

- Dec 22, 2016-

Early 80 's of last century, China has imported from scaffolding, various Bowl-scaffold, scaffold. Gate scaffolding in the construction of many have been used before, and achieved good results, gate scaffolding products because of quality problems, this scaffolding is not heavily used. Domestically built a gate scaffolding manufacturer, foreign to most of their products are processed. Application of Bowl-scaffold is a new scaffold up to a scaffold, but is not widely used, only used parts and part of the project.

Since the 90 's, some domestic enterprises to introduce advanced foreign technology, developed a variety of new types of scaffolding, scaffolding like a bolt, CRAB-module scaffold scaffolding, disc, Square Tower scaffold, as well as various types of climbing frames. By 2013, Pearson VUE professional scaffolding production enterprises, mainly in Qingdao, Wuxi, Guangzhou, and other places. Technically speaking, Chinese enterprises are now capable of processing a variety of new scaffolds of scaffolding. But the domestic market has not been formed, lack of awareness of new types of scaffolding in construction enterprise.

Along with the emergence of a large number of large modern building systems, steel tubular scaffold with couplers have been unable to meet the needs of construction, develop and promote the use of new types of scaffolding is a top priority. Practice has proved that the new scaffold not only safe and reliable construction, installation fast, and scaffold steel consumption can be reduced by 33%, Assembly and disassembly work efficiency increased more than twice times, construction costs can be decreased significantly, civilization, the construction site clean and tidy.

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