- Dec 22, 2016-

(1) scaffold local deformation due to settlement. Double shelving erected eight closure or scissors on transverse section, separated by a row of vertical poles erected a set until discharge of the deformation zone. Dressed character closure or scissors must be located in a solid and reliable foundation.

(2) the scaffolding on which the roots of cantilever steel beam deflection exceeds the specified value, anchorage points of cantilever steel beam reinforcement of steel beam with steel supports above plus u-shaped holding tight against the roof. Embedded reinforcement rings and gaps between the steel beams, horse wedged tight. Hanging wire rope of steel beam end checking one by one, all fastened to ensure uniform loading.

(3) the scaffolding unloading, tension system of local failure, immediately the HeLa unloading method according to the original plan to restore it, and correct the deformation has produced parts and poles. Correct the deformation of the scaffolding outside, first by a 5T chain in each Bay, and tightened structure, loosening rigid contact points and also to tighten chain, to the distortion is corrected, rigid, and the unloaded wire rope tightening, put them under pressure, finally let go of chain.

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