CE Construction Formwork Ring Lock Scaffolding Ringlock System

- Dec 05, 2017-


Basic Info.


Model NO.:WM-Scaffold






Structural Style:Tower Scaffolding


Framework:Combined Scaffolding


Supporting Mode:Projecting Scaffolding


Lapping Form:Single Row Scaffolding


Erection Position:External Scaffolding


Move Method:Attached Lifting Scaffolding


Scaffolding Part Type:Scaffolding Frames


Construction Properties:Installation Scaffold






Specification:Ce, EN74, BS1139, SGS, AS1576


Origin:Tianjin, China


HS Code:730840


Product Description

    Ring Lock Scaffolding Ringlock System Scaffold is made by high strength steel tube material in OD48.3mm for normal construction project and OD60mm Heavy Duty Offshore System project like Peri Formwork.
Ringlock Scaffold is used as column vertical leg support for formwork system of slab formwork, table formwork, wall formwork, column formwork, beam formwork as well as shipbuild project and oil and gas project building.
Ring Lock Scaffolding System include ringlock  system elements and components of ringlock standard vertical post, ringlock ledger horizontal, ringlock bay brace diagonal, base jack, u head jack and steel plank, steel board, toe board, transom, side bracket
Tianjin Wellmade Scaffold is a Leading ISO9001 China Scaffolding manufacturer with 50,000m2 Advance productino area of AUTO WELDING, AUTO PAINTING & AUTO GALVANIZING. Which is the largest and highest quality level scaffolding factory and exporter  in China. 
All products produced by Tianjin Wellmade Scaffold is past CE certificate, products quality are controled by ISO9001 management system from RAM MATERIAL chemical and physical Testing, PRODUCTION PROCESS sampling Testing, WELDING LINE THEORETICAL THROAT TESING, Ringlock scaffolding components Matching-up Testing and LOAD CAPACITY testing.
Tianjin Wellmade Scaffold Co.,lTD has exported 49 Countries by satisfied scaffolding and formwork product in quality as well as attactive price in win-win long term cooperations. 
More details about ringlock scaffolding ring lock system, visit wm-scaffold website. 


Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRS0500.5M1'8"3.19 7.01 
WRS1001M3'3"5.66 12.45 
WRS1501.5M4'11"8.07 17.75 
WRS2002M6'7"10.45 23.00 
WRS2502.5M8'2"12.87 28.32 
WRS3003M9'10"15.29 33.64 
WRS4004M13'1"20.11 44.24 

Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*3mm.

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRL0650.65 M 2'2"3.14 6.91 
WRL0880.88 M2'10"3.93 8.65 
WRL0920.92 M 3'4.09 9.01 
WRL1071.07 M3'6"4.68 10.29 
WRL1151.15 M3'10"4.95 10.88 
WRL1571.57 M5'2"6.47 14.23 
WRL1831.83 M6'7.40 16.28 
WRL2132.13 M7'8.49 18.68 
WRL2442.44 M8'9.61 21.15 
WRL3053.05 M10'11.83 26.02 

3.Truss Ledger
Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*3.0mm.

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRTL2132.13 M7'16.10 35.43 
WRTL3053.05 M10'24.00 52.79 
WRTL4264.26 M13'11"31.81 69.97 
WRTL5175.17 M17'38.25 84.16 

Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*2.5mm;
Bay braces are described by the horizontal rung and the rise on all Standard is 2M (6'7").

Item CodeBay LengthBrace LengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRB0650.65 M 2'2"2.07 M7.34 16.16 
WRB0880.88 M2'10"2.15 M7.99 17.58 
WRB0920.92 M 3'2.17M8.31 18.27 
WRB1071.07 M3'6"2.23 M8.40 18.49 
WRB1151.15 M3'10"2.26 M8.53 18.77 
WRB1571.57 M5'2"2.48 M9.23 20.31 
WRB1831.83 M6'2.64 M9.72 21.38 
WRB2132.13 M7'2.85 M10.31 22.69 
WRB2442.44 M8'3.07 M11.02 24.24 
WRB3053.05 M10'3.56 M12.15 26.73 

5.Intermediate Transom
Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*3.0mm;

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRIT1151.15 M3'10"5.36 11.78 
WRIT1571.57 M5'2"6.85 15.06 
WRIT2132.13 M7'8.91 19.60 
WRIT3053.05 M10'12.20 26.85 

6.Steel Plank 
Available in Pre-Galvanized "C" Profile with 241mm width,67.5mm Height and 1.8mm thickness.

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRP1151.15 M3'10"10.49 23.07 
WRP1571.57 M5'2"13.54 29.80 
WRP2132.13 M7'17.64 38.80 
WRP3053.05 M10'24.34 53.56 

7.Lattice Girder
Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*3mm;

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRLG1155.17 M17'70.47 155.03 
WRLG1576.14 M20'2"82.63 181.79 
WRLG2137.71 M25'3"103.76 228.26 

8.Side Brackets
Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*3.0mm;

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRSB0650.65 M2'2"6.61 14.54 
WRSB0880.88M2'10"8.62 18.96 

9.Base Collar
Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube 48.3*3.0mm;

Item CodeLengthWeight(kg)Weight(lbs)
WRBC0240.24M9.4"1.53 3.37 



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